Skin Care Routine

I have struggled with acne since second semester of my junior year of high school. It developed due to stress, and I thought that once the semester ended, my skin would go back to normal… It didn’t. My acne stayed and it’s been a huge confidence inhibitor.

I’d like to mention that my skin is not perfectly clear at this point. I have some bumps on my forehead and some bumps on my cheeks, but I have not gotten an actual pimple in months.

Some information about my skin:

-My skin is not sensitive, it can take a lot.

-My skin used to be oily all of my life, but became dry in 2017.

-I wear makeup everyday.

-I do take birth control, but I do not think it has really helped my skin.

-I never go to sleep with my makeup on. Ever!


Shout out to my friend Ali for biking with me on a Sunday afternoon to take these pictures with me 🙂 Love her!


Every morning, before starting my makeup, I apply this Clinique Moisturizer:


This size is around $30, but I have seen a mini version at Sephora for $10 once.

This is the best moisturizer I have found, it really makes my skin glowy and dewy.


To remove my makeup, I use the Neutrogena/Costco brand makeup removing wipes. I focus on my face makeup with these.



To remove my eye makeup and make sure I have all of my makeup off, I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I put this on a cotton pad and wipe my face. This costs about $7-$8.


This helps a lot to get rid of the excess makeup and clear my pores.


I wash my face daily with a cleanser. I use the Neutrogena/Target brand oil free acne wash:


This costs around $5-$6, I believe.

I’ve been using this cleanser since 8th grade and have never strayed away.


I use this cleanser with my spin brush from Vanity Planet:

I wash my face twice a day- right when I wake up and before bed.

I really love how this works into my pores, much better than just using my hands!


For specifically acne treatment, every night I apply this Differin Gel to my skin, focusing on my trouble spots.


I let this dry on my skin before actually falling asleep.

This gel works wonders and helps so much with spots!

I think this gel and the spin brush are the main reasons why my skin has cleared a lot.


About once a week, I apply a face mask to my skin. I use a lot of different one’s, but my all time favorite is the Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal.

I don’t have a picture of it, but I can assure you this actually works for my skin. If I have a pimple, I’ll apply this face mask and once I take it off, the pimple has gone down in size. Amazing!

I hope this helps you guys! xoxo

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