Honu Coffee

Sunday 1/14/18

As a resolution, I wanted to try new things.

I’m in desperate need of new aesthetically pleasing coffee shops both where I live at home and at college.

I started looking up coffee places throughout the city and found Honu Coffee. There were other places as well that I plan to visit in the future, but this was the closest one to where I was at the moment.

(None of the photos are mine, except the last one).


This is the street view.

This is what it looks like inside.


A cute little sign outside 🙂

I ordered a large white mocha. My mother ordered a large sugar free vanilla latte. I enjoyed mine, but my mother said hers was a bit too strong.

The coffee’s came in a normal paper cup. I was hoping for a cute mug, but nope. 😦

I also got a small coffee cake which was great! They also had muffins, a large slice of banana bread, huge croissants, scones, and other choices.

Overall, it was a fine place to go- cozy and warm. It is far from where I live, so I probably won’t be going here again.

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