I Take It All Back….

Lol you know that post I made about hating high school?…. I take that back….


Here’s why:

Senior Year of high school was probably the best year of my academic career. I went to school from 7am to 12:20pm.

Second semester I had Math, Psychology, English, and Government (and maybe one more class but I forgot what it was lol).

All my classes tended to be easy. The only class I actually had to put effort into was Psych, but that’s my major so I was all for it. Studying and absorbing everything I could about what I was taught in that class was the best thing ever. I was finally studying what I love.

I probably had the best grades ever and I felt so proud of myself for continuing to take challenging AP classes and maintaining such high grades.

I got out of school at 12:20, which means I had the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted, unless I had work.

I could drive myself to and from school, listening to my music, and loving my independence.

Although I was waking up at 5-6am every morning, it was’t too bad. I didn’t mind it much. I had the chance to wake up, drive myself to school, get a close parking spot if I was early enough, and then eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in my car.

I would go to my classes (I skipped once or twice), and was surrounded by either people I didn’t talk to at all, or people I loved.

I only really maintained two friendships senior year but they were my best friends. I was so content with life and everything was so easy and drama free.

The only downside was work. I worked at a fast food restaurant half of senior year. I made my own money though and I could spend it on whatever I wanted- aka INDEPENDENCE.


I would go on adventures after school all the time lol. I would drive around town exploring every secret corner I could find. Sometimes I’d get lunch or even go clothes shopping with the money I was making from work. It was my zen time to embrace my independence and do what I love- explore. I would do that almost every day, so now being in college without my car is depressing. I’M DEPRIVED.


Anyways, in the moment while I was in it, I hated high school. I wanted so badly to skip that part of my life and move onto college. At that time I still didn’t know where I was going to college but I just wanted high school over with. Now I’m in college and wishing to go back.

The lesson here is to really embrace where you are at the moment. You shouldn’t be trying to rush stages of your life. You’re going to get to the future eventually, so you should really embrace the present.


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