High School Sucks


You probs don’t know but I’m super young. I’m 17 and going into college. My mom had a choice when I was younger to either hold me back for another year to keep me at home, or start me in school early (due to my young age). My parents decided it was best to start me early and my mom carefully watched me in elementary school to make sure I was doing alright in my classes, since I wasn’t technically supposed to be in that grade.

So, If my mom had held me back and I was actually in school with kids my age, I’d be a senior in high school right now and that would suck.

I never liked my high school, people were fake, I was bullied, teachers were rude, etc.

I know that going into college isn’t this magical place where everything is going to be perfect but I am just thankful for a fresh start. A friend of mine at work is a senior right now and we were talking about her classes and how I had some of the teachers as well. Senior year did go by quickly and I did very well but friends were so fake and the events during the year weren’t that fun.

Glad to be out of it and moving on.

If you’re in high school, I hope it goes by quickly for you. Even so, try to make the most out of it.

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